Economic life in Botswana

It's been a great time for the economic of Botswana Since Independence day declare.It's because the economic became more effective. It is stated that Botswana became the highest average economic growth in the world. It reaches to nine percent per year, and also from the department of private sector Employment it averages ten percent per annum since the Independence day. And now still in the stage of Improving and keep Increasing their Economy, one is in the Aspect of Agriculture. People who live in this place are more on Subsistence Farming it means farmers are focusing on planting and growing foods to feed themselves and their family. Also Tourism which play one of the major role in their economic. And as some problem their economic growth slowed last 2005-2008, but Botswana Negotiate and partner with Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Their economy blooms and back to track race of Increasing in the field of export Diamonds. Because Botswana is the largest and the richest Minning of Diamonds. As this Particular Moment they are of the country that has a great contribution in the economy of World Market.

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